Saturday, December 25, 2021

Flower Photographer Has Changed Locations

Blue Vanda orchids. © GTFS.

My passion is photography; flower photography is my art. My name is Glenn Franco Simmons, and I am a former rural daily and weekly newspaper publisher, editor, reporter and photojournalist. After retiring from newspaper publishing, my next endeavor was a floral photography business in Cupertino, Calif., where clients, friends and the public in general came to refer to me as, "The Flower Photographer of Silicon Valley."

While flowers are my favorite subject, landscapes are also part of my portfolio. Someday, my art may involve retracing part of the journey of my Great-Great Grandpa Thomas Hill (for whom my middle name of Thomas was chosen). He became famous for his plein air Yosemite Valley paintings. Since relocating to the Northern Nevada desert, where my wife's family has resided since the 1800s, the desert has become one of my subjects as well. More on that to come.

Baby Blue Eyes. © GTFS
My camera gear is among the best in the world. I own two world-renown Nikon cameras and four world-renown lenses. To ensure in-focus photos, I use a professional tripod and a shutter-release extension button, which means I use a cord with a button on it to actually take the photo. My hand does not touch the camera as I snap the photo. This reduces camera shake and produces a sharp photo without any need for an artificial software sharpener. I also do not use software color saturation on my photos.

In 2022, my websites will be repopulated with updated photo sizes.

My main website is (please click on sites listed and a new tab will open):

Glenn Thomas Franco Simmons on Zenfolio

My secondary sites are:

Bahá’í Writings As Art on Pixels

Glenn Franco Simmons on Pixels

Scripture As Art on Pixels

Glenn Franco Simmons on RedBubble

Zazzle Home Page: Glenn Franco Simmons

Bible Verses As Art on Zazzle

The Flower Photographer on Zazzle

Baby Blue Eyes. © GTFS.

Non-commercial websites, where you may download for free 1920x1280 (some dimensions are different), on Blogger, are:

Fotos by Franco on Blogger

Glenn Franco Simmons on Blogger (this site)

Bahá’í Writings As Art on Blogger

Silver State Backroads

Current social media sites are (click on sites to view):

Twitter: Bahá’í Blossoms

Twitter: Photos by Glenn

Twitter: Scripture As Art

My columns are occasionally featured in The Times of Israel and on Medium.

You may find some of my former accounts on some of the social-media and Pixel/Fine Art America sites. For some reason, perhaps because I was an early adopter of using a VPN (which, a few years ago, some sites' AI may have viewed as a security threat for some reason), Twitter, Instagram, Medium and Pixels deactivated some of my accounts. I was unable to restore them. The sites listed above are my current sites.

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