Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Flower Photographer of Silicon Valley

Glenn Thomas Franco Simmons is a professional floral photographer who was based in Silicon Valley for about 10 years but now lives in the Northern Nevada desert.

While he loves flowers, Glenn also occasionally photographs landscapes, classic cars, old trains and planes, in addition to doing some graphic art.

This site's purpose is to list Glenn's active websites and social media accounts.

His commercial websites are (click on sites to view):

Bahá’í Writings As Art on Pixels

Glenn Franco Simmons on Pixels

Scripture As Art on Pixels

Glenn Franco Simmons on RedBubble

Glenn Thomas Franco Simmons on Zenfolio

Glenn's non-commercial websites, where you may download 1920x1280 (some dimensions are different) are (click on sites to view):

Bahá’í Writings As Art on Ello

Bahá’í Writings As Art on Wix

Photos As Art on Ello

Scripture As Art on Ello

His current social media sites are (click on sites to view):

Twitter: Bahá’í Blossoms

Twitter: Photos by Glenn

Twitter: Scripture As Art

Glenn's non-photo sites, where he writes columns are (click on sites to view):

Glenn Franco Simmons on Times of Israel

You may find some of my former accounts on some of these sites. For some reason, Twitter, Instagram and Pixels deactivated some of my accounts. I was unable to restore them. These are my current sites.