In his letter to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States and Canada written on Feb. 27, 1929, Shoghi Effendi addressed political activity by Bahá’ís:

“Let them refrain from associating themselves, whether by word or by deed, with the political pursuits of their respective nations, with the policies of their governments and the schemes and programs of parties and factions. ... Let them affirm their unyielding determination to stand, firmly and unreservedly, for the way of Bahá’u’lláh, to avoid the entanglements and bickerings inseparable from the pursuits of the politician, and to become worthy agencies of that Divine Polity which incarnates God’s immutable Purpose for all men. ... Let them beware lest, in their eagerness to further the aims of their beloved Cause, they should be led unwittingly to bargain with their Faith, to compromise with their essential principles, or to sacrifice, in return for any material advantage which their institutions may derive, the integrity of their spiritual ideals.”

Source: From an April 27, 1995 letter to an individual believer. © Universal House of Justice (Department of the Secretariat). Image © Bahá’í Writings As Art.
Abstain From PoliticsAbstain From PoliticsAbstain From Politics

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