Paradise Valley, between Morgan Hill and San Jose, Calif, is located between Morgan Hill and San Jose, Calif. One of my favorite parts is the Oak Glen area. This gallery will feature photos taken in the valley.

The area consists of foothills that lead to the Santa Cruz Mountains that stretch west all the way to the Pacific Coast. In late winter and early spring, the grass-covered meadows and hillsides are often green, even in drought. The green grass makes for better photos, for my tastes, as opposed the brown of summer and fall. The Oak Glen area of Paradise Valley also features the wildlife-rich and geographically scenic 215-acre Chesbro Reservoir County Park. As its name implies, the park includes parkland and a reservoir, about 20 minutes southwest of Morgan Hill.

The reservoir obviously has a dam, and it is officially known as the Elmer J. Chesbro Dam. Built in 1955, the dam, park and reservoir were named in honor of Elmer J. Chesbro, who was a nearby physician and president of the then-Santa Clara Valley Water Conservation District. The district is now called the Santa Clara Valley Water District. The reservoir, which can be quite picturesque whether filled to full capacity or not, was created with the damming of Llagas Creek. The area is a treasure trove if you like to see wildlife, especially birds.

The park is open year-round from 8 a.m. until sunset, but parking is rather limited in the area. There are no established trails, but when the reservoir is very low like it is at the time of this posting, visitors may access areas to get closer to birds. Just don't disturb the wildlife and don't leave trash.
Paradise Valley, Chesbro ReservoirParadise Valley, Chesbro ReservoirParadise Valley, Chesbro Reservoir

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