You should never look at your own limitations, much less to allow them to deter you from promoting the Message. For the believers, whether capable or not, whether poor or rich, and whether influential or obscure, are after all but mere channels through which God carries His message to Mankind. They are instruments, whereby He communicates His will to His people. The friends, therefore, must cease looking at their own deficiencies in a way that would kill in them the spirit of initiative and of service. They should have confidence in the divine assistance promised to them by Bahá’u’lláh, and strengthened and revived by such an assurance they should continue to toil till the very end of their lives.
~ Shoghi Effendi

Source: From a letter dated March 18, 1934 to an individual believer. The Power of Divine Assistance, #66. © Bahá'í International Community. Here is the link to Bahá'í Ebooks, where the compilation may be downloaded.
Disregard Your LimitationsDisregard Your LimitationsDisregard Your LimitationsDisregard Your LimitationsDisregard Your Limitations

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