"{Mullá Husayn} was for nine years a student of Siyyid Káẓim; upon his teacher's death, he set out for Shíráz to find the Promised One," according to Bahaikipedia. "There he met the Báb, who, welcoming him at the city gates, invited him to His home, where He declared to Mullá Husayn that He was that Promised One he sought. This event is celebrated yearly by Bahá’í as the Declaration of the Báb. On this occasion, the Báb gave Mullá Husayn his title of Bábu'l-Báb, as he was the first to believe in Him. Mullá Husayn was a devoted follower of the Báb until his death at the battle of Shaykh Tabarsí, on Feb. 2, 1849."
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