Welcome to Glenn Franco Simmons' Web site. While there are many different types of photographs on this Web site, Glenn is fond of saying: "Photography is my passion; flower photography is my art." With that said, Glenn's artworks are diverse in their breadth and beauty.

All artworks and photos are available for free download for noncommercial use (you may share on social media with attribution).

Since 1981, when he worked in public relations, while enrolled in a university, Glenn has been involved in media, including time spent as a publisher, news director, managing editor and reporter. Presently, he is a professional flower photographer.

Glenn has held a lifelong interest in The Study of Genocide, which he focused his studies on while in college, in addition to majoring in journalism at Humboldt State University, which graduated him with honors. While at HSU, he served as The Jewish Student Union's communications director. You will see various groups, galleries and photos on this Web site devoted to love, peace, understanding and to interfaith unity that celebrates diversity.

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