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This group will feature photo galleries of images with excerpts from the Bahá'í Writings that are pending consideration by the Spiritual Assembly of Cupertino. Before I can sell photos, the Assembly must approve the artwork.
Pending-Arabic Hidden Word 36Pending-Arabic Hidden Word 55pending-Assistance Aidethpending-Assistance CouragePending-Assistance Invisible HostsPending-Assistance New CreationPending-Assistance Speck of DustPending-Assistance, Mercy of GodPending-Assistance, People of BaháPending-Assistance, Power of Your SpiritsPending-Avoid The BoastfulPending-Bahá'í LifePending-Be Happy, ABPending-Clouds of Springpending-CovenantPending-Disregard LimitationsPending-Earth Is But One CountryPending-Educate these childrenPending-Elevate Dustpending-Glory of The CausePending-KindlePending-labour for FaithPending-Light of UnityPending-Loftiest Trees, Enchanting Blossoms