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"Job is the central character of the Book of Job in the Bible," Wikipedia notes. "Job is considered a prophet in the Abrahamic Religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. In rabbinical literature Iyov is called one of the prophets of the

"Job is presented as a good and prosperous family man who is beset with horrendous disasters that take away all that he holds dear, including his offspring, his health, and his property. He struggles to understand his situation and begins a search for the answers to his difficulties. God rewards Job's obedience during his travails and restores his health and doubles his original riches. He sires seven later sons and three daughters."
Job 1:21 (NIV)Job 26:7 (KJV)Job 33:28 (WEB)Job 38:4-7 (WEB)Job 38:8-11 (NIV)Job 38:16 (KJV)Job 38:19-21 (NIV)